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Service and maintenance

The service is an important stage in your Renault's life. By entrusting your car to us, you optimise your spending and save time. Discover our maintenance and service solutions which will make you glad to own a Renault.
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Maintenance without the surprises

Regular maintenance of your Renault ensures its performance and extends its life. To support you throughout the life of your car, we offer turnkey solutions.

At Renault, each service is clear and there are no surprises in store. To maintain your peace of mind, we are committed to:

- Compliance with your vehicle's maintenance programme

- Safety with the performance of an 87-point inspection

- Reliability thanks to the Renault electronic diagnosis

- Technical nature of standard oils for your engine- Work under warranty for one year (parts and labour)

The timing belt

The timing belt is essential for your engine to run. If worn, it can break at any time. And that spells disaster for your engine.

So that you are not caught off-guard and can drive with complete peace of mind, make sure that you stick to the maintenance programme. If your Renault is more than five years old and/or has done between 60,000 and 160,000 km, it is time to get your belt replaced. To make your life easier, we offer all-inclusive timing belt packages: it’s easy and there are no hidden surprises!

The winning formula

Your safety and comfort on board

People often think about the mechanics but motoring is more than that. Do you pay enough attention to you safety and comfort? At Renault Service, we offer solutions tailored to your well-being.
Find out more about:
Your safety guarantees Tyres, shock absorbers and brakes
The tyres and shock absorbers play an important role in your Renault's braking efficiency and road-holding. Make sure they are in good condition.
Take good care of them

The tyres are the only point of contact between your Renault and the road. As for the shock absorbers, they ensure your comfort, but also, and more importantly, your car's grip. Both are essential safety features for you, your passengers and anyone who crosses your path. But don't worry. Renault has created tailored offers consisting of in-depth diagnostics and clear, transparent pricing. Whatever the age of your Renault, Renault Service takes care of everything to save you time and ensure your peace of mind. 

Get ready to face the outdoor world Air conditioning and visibility
You can't put a price on your well-being and safety, so Renault Service offers air conditioning maintenance and windscreen wiper replacement solutions that meet your expectations.
The climate control system

It regulates the atmosphere inside your vehicle and cleans it with a unique, Renault patented, anti-allergen filter.

Prolong the quality of your air conditioning and improve your on-board comfort with Renault Service. You get an Air Conditioning diagnosis and packages perfectly suited to your needs.

Whatever the weather, your windscreen wipers need to guarantee your visibility

But bad weather and meteorological variations (UV, air, rain, etc.) wear their natural rubber and reduce their effectiveness.

For you, Renault Service sees further ahead with ultra-flat blades that are much quieter. They hug your windscreen, wiping it cleanly, so that you can drive with complete peace of mind. For a clear long-term view, enjoy front and rear windscreen wiper packages.

The essentials for your peace of mind in all circumstances Battery check-up
Basically, the battery launches the ignition, which ignites the spark plug, which starts the engine. If there is a fault with one of these three components, you're likely to end up stranded at the side of the road!
Whether you start or not is down to your battery charge

Radio, built-in GPS, USB port, phone charging, etc. They also depend on your battery charge. Pay special attention to it: 85% of breakdowns are due to a faulty battery or starter.

Choose Renault Service and get an in-depth diagnosis and a battery compatibility test. All of these operations are included in the summer/winter check-up offered by Renault Service so you can drive with complete peace of mind and save time.
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