Trade-in Conditions Renault Kenya

Caetano reserves the right to do buy-back or trade-in of vehicles as per the requirements in place that are subjected to change at any time.


The vehicle, since moment of purchase till the assessment should have been serviced at Caetano dedicated workshop, complying with manufacturer’s standards for vehicle maintenance. The vehicle under assessment must not display any structural or accident resultant damage. Vehicles must be returned in normal operating conditions. They must be clean, both inside and out. Any vehicle delivered with a certain degree of dirt that does not allow its proper assessment will be subject to a new appraisal, and the customer shall bear the respective cost. 

The user must deliver the vehicle with its initial equipment. In addition, the customer must deliver the following elements (if applicable): 

• All keys and controls; 
• Vehicle documents; 
• Manuals and valid book of periodic servicing; 
• Code cards (radio, keys, etc.); 
• Spare wheel, jack and tools or tyre mobility kit and compressor; 
• Emergency or retro-reflective triangle; 
• Rim safety bolts; 
• Proof of the last MOT Certificate and respective receipt; 
• Green card. 
Note: If the User does not return the items listed above, they shall be charged to the User. 

The User must be careful and check all storage areas inside the vehicle before returning it. 
Caetano shall not be liable for the loss of any personal items left inside the vehicle after it has been collected. 

A thorough examination of the mechanical condition of the vehicle will be done by qualified staff at Caetano Workshop. No defects and visible or invisible damage will be accepted.

The exterior paint must be in good condition as regards its shine and colour. Paint damages or scratches that can be removed by polishing, without requiring panel paintwork. Dents or indentations per panel, provided that their diameter is less than 2 cm. Stone chipping, provided that less than 25% of the panel is affected and no corrosion has developed. 

Signs of repair with defective paintwork, dripping paint, panels showing a colour difference, touch-ups (brush or spray), poorly assembled or misaligned panels will not be accepted. Scratches longer than 100 mm or numerous scratches on the same panel, as well as scratches that cannot be removed by polishing, therefore requiring paintwork. Paintwork with scratches displaying ripped material that cannot be removed by polishing. Panel with dents or indentations of a diameter larger than 2 cm. Three or more dents or indentations smaller than 2 cm, on the same panel. Dents, marks, scratches or scrapes already showing corrosion. Stone chipping covering more than 25% of the panel. Defective repairs (misalignment between panels). 

ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS All stickers must be removed before the vehicle delivery. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Stickers on the panels or marks showing their removal (glue or damaged paint). 

ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Bumper On painted bumpers, scratches with a maximum length of 10 cm, provided they do not affect the paintwork; On unpainted bumpers, scratches that do not reach the base material and dents with a diameter of less than 2 cm. Friezes The friezes must be fixed to the vehicle body without deformations or poor fixation. Scratches and/or cracks in the optics or lights, provided they have not broken the glass and do not affect its functioning or the vehicle safety. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Bumper More than two scratches with more than 10 cm on bumpers that cannot be removed by polishing. Bumper grilles, friezes or sills that are broken, deformed, ripped, wrinkled or cracked, which cannot be removed by polishing. Painted bumpers with scratches that affect the base material or are deformed, ripped or broken, which cannot be removed by polishing. Missing hook cap or tow hook. Deformed or damaged vehicle number plate. 

ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Access area It is acceptable the fair wear and tear of the access area to the load compartment due a continuous usage. Load compartment The load compartment is subject to intensive use. Slight scratches or deformations resulting from loading and unloading are acceptable, provided they can be removed by polishing or washing. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Tears or cuts that affect the function of the insulating material. Tears or lack of material on the floor, linings and access doors of the load compartment. Dents, marks or deformations in the interior areas. Damage (dents, scratches, tears or cuts) caused by improper or incorrect conditioning and handling of cargo by the customer. Missing material, corrosion signs or deformation of the floor or wheel arches. 

ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Tyres All tyres, including the spare (if applicable), must be within the legal limits. The jack, tools, lock nuts and compressor (where applicable) must be stored in their proper location and in good functioning conditions. Caps and Rims Scratches up to 10 cm without material damages. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Tread of tyres equal to or less than the legally allowed; damaged by impacts with sidewalks, or other abnormal situations. Tyres with any kind of cuts or superficial damage, as well as damage indicating degradation of the tyre structure, such as surface deformation. Tyres with inadequate pressure (regardless of origin) and endangering the vehicle safety. Tyres fitted by the customer outside the scope of the Caetano contract and/or that do not comply with the manufacturer's recommendations regarding characteristics, dimensions, speed index and load. If the above-mentioned situations occur, Caetano will charge the amount according to the manufacturer's price table. Retreaded tyres, assembled by the customer. Missing wheel caps, with scratches of more than 10 mm, deformed or with missing material. Rims that are cracked, deformed or with material that is ripped off or missing. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS All elements installed after acquisition of the vehicle, such as sirens, rotating lights, additional Antennas. 
ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Rear-view mirrors Scratches with a maximum length of 50 mm are acceptable on the covers of painted mirrors, provided they do not affect the paintwork or their proper functioning. Scratches are allowed on the covers of unpainted mirrors, provided they do not affect the base material or their proper functioning. External fittings Sirens or rotating lights must have the surfaces in perfect condition and under normal operational conditions. The lights must comply with the legal requirements and, if necessary, they must be mentioned in the vehicle documents. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Scratches on the paintwork and with ripped off material that cannot be removed by polishing. Scratches that reach the base material, on unpainted mirror covers. Mirrors with deformations that could affect their proper functioning. Broken glasses of the rear-view-mirrors or with deformations that affect their function. Broken or poorly assembled sirens or rotating lights. Lights whose proper functioning is affected or which do not comply with the legal requirements. Retreaded tyres, assembled by the customer. Missing wheel caps, with scratches of more than 10 mm, deformed or with missing material. Rims that are cracked, deformed or with material that is ripped off or missing. 

ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Windscreen and glazing Stone impact marks (which do not result in cracks, blisters or spikes on the outer surface). Glazing and headlamps Stone impact marks on the optics or headlamps, provided they have not broken the glass and do not affect their functioning or the vehicle safety. Scratches or cracks on the surface of the optics or headlamps, provided they have not broken the glass and do not affect their functioning or the vehicle safety. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Cracks, blisters or spikes on the windshield that damage the exterior surface. Impact marks from stones that cause reflections or influence the driver's field of vision. Cracked optics or headlamps, such as broken glass or cover, regardless of their size. Any damage affecting the proper functioning or safety of the vehicle and/or allowing the entering of moisture. 

ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS All stickers must be removed before the vehicle delivery. Interior of the vehicle Wear marks resulting from intensive use on rugs or carpet are acceptable provided they are not torn, with holes or stained. Scratch on the dashboard up to 2 cm without damaging the material. Door Linings that show wear from use. Seats The seats may show signs of normal usage on the covers and headrests. Fittings The steering wheel may be worn and show signs of intense use, but its material must not be missing or torn. All controls and instruments must be intact and working properly. Handles and controls must be functioning, undamaged and not missing. Discoloration of panels caused by normal usage and wear. 

NON-ACCEPTABLE SITUATIONS Ceiling linings with stains or burns. Deformed ceiling linings or with cuts. Rugs or carpets torn or with holes. Rugs or carpets with dirt or stains that cannot be removed by simple cleaning. Torn or damaged upholstery. Dirty or stained seats. Supports for additional equipment that have not been removed or, when removed, with visible holes. Dashboard or any damaged or broken interior plastic element. Odours of animals or chemical products that require deep cleaning. Additional equipment that has been placed at the customer's expense must be removed and must not leave any permanent marks on the vehicle. Dashboard showing damages, deformed or with scratches of more than 2 cm. Damaged or deformed glove compartment, or with scratches that cannot be removed. Door linings that show deformation, scratches or stains that cannot be removed by cleaning. 

10 | OTHERS The vehicle must be the property of the person requesting for the trade-in. All legal requirements, such as insurance, registration and other taxes due must be settled in the moment of trade-in. Vehicle should not be under loans or other financial scheme. In case the owner is trading-in its vehicle for the purpose of buying another unit from Caetano, special conditions might apply.