Renault Koleos

The Renault Koleos broadens your outlook. A previously unseen alliance of power and refinement, its assertive design pushes the boundaries of what is expected and expresses itself with a bold style. Its confident stature inspires respect. An SUV with large shoulders and robust side panels, its vigorous front end, broad tires, and large wheelbase give it the look of a partner that can rise to any challenge. Renault Koleos takes you further, whatever route or adventure you want to pursue. 

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Take your dreams seriously Renault Koleos
  • 8.7” digital screen display and R-LINK 2 tablet
  • ALL MODE 4x4-i technology
  • Seats are heated and ventilated for custom comfort
koleos design
Renault Koleos has a sense of detail and personality enhanced by its sleek appearance and athletic curves. The full LED lighting signature attracts attention, as well as the robust look of the 18 inch alloy wheels.
koleos interior
Explore the intuitive world of the R-LINK 2 connected 8.7 inch tablet, fully control the vehicle’s functions including multimedia, navigation, telephony, radio and driving assistance systems.
koleos performance
With the ALL MODE 4x4-i technology you can flip the switch located next to the steering wheel to change from 2WD to LOCK mode and benefit from permanent full transmission to help deal with obstacles. 


4x2 Mode

In 4x2 mode, only the front wheels power the vehicle.
koleos 4x2
Select 2WD
Under normal driving conditions this optimises your consumption.

4X4 Mode

There are two 4X4 modes. Select AUTO to switch automatically to ALL MODE 4x4-i whenever conditions require it, and take advantage of the automatic distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels. Select LOCK mode for permanent transmission between the four wheels and fixed torque distribution between front and rear, in order to maximise the clearance capacity and stability in any environment.
koleos 4wd
Select AUTO or LOCK
LOCK: a 50/50 split between the front and rear wheels.
delivers optimal traction and safety by adjusting torque distribution.