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Multiview camera

Multiview camera

Connected to the Media Nav system, the Multiview Camera allows you to display the return of the four New DUSTER on-board cameras. It engages with reverse or by simply pressing the dedicated button.
Renault DUSTER - Garde au sol surélevée

Elevated ground clearance

With its different angles conceived to face all the grounds, New DUSTER allows you to cross lookouts, sidewalks and pebbles without obstruction.
Renault DUSTER - Aide au démarrage en côte

Hill start assist

Nothing stops All-new Renault Duster, neither sharp slopes, nor steep tracks. Hill Start Assist  lets you drive anywhere with ease.
Downhill control system

Downhill control system

To avoid skidding, downhill assist maintains a slow and steady speed when descending on a steep grade.


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