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Free check-up

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When times are difficult, there's nothing like the trust of those who give us certainty. Therefore, your Renault dealer is offering you a check-up! Get ready to book yours now.
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So, when you feel like you're ready to go back on the road, we guarantee that you can do it with the confidence and calm that you always have. However, if your Renault has been - or still is - parked for a long time, there's a step you need to take before starting your journey again:  check if all parts and oils are working perfectly.  

     Let's do a check-list:
  1. fill in the form above;
  2. you will be contacted by your local dealer to schedule your free check-up;
  3. we will then carry out the free check-up on your Renault on the scheduled date.

1. Coolant 
2. Engine oil 
3. Gearbox 
4. Brake oil 
5. Windscreen wiper fluid 
6. Brushes 
7. Shock absorbers 
8. Tyre wear 
9. Tyre pressure 
10. Power steering oil 
11. Brake pads       
12. Brake discs 
13. Exterior rear-view mirrors 
14. Emergency lights 
15. Indicator bulbs 
16. Brake lights 
17. Fog lights 
18. Reversing lamp 
19. Parking brake 
20. Battery charge/status
21. AC operation          

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